Phil 12.9.16

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC

  • Clickbait? How to Make an Amazing Tensorflow Chatbot Easily
  • Good article on information bubbles (Clinton and Trump). Visualizations clearly show bubble and star. Parallel Narratives
  • Continuing with Sociophysics
    • Opinion Formation
    • On [page 62], the authors discuss Phase transitions in a two-parameter model of opinion dynamics with random kinetic exchanges, which they say shows  that agent behavior is unrealistic when there is only positive influence. This could support my Anti-belief element in my model.
    • On [page 66] the authors briefly discuss Opinion dynamics with confidence threshold: an alternative to the Axelrod model, where voter have continuous opinion. Clusters happen when confidence is 0 < c < 1. Interval notation (0, 1)
    • An important point seems to be the number of opinions. For low numbers of discretized opinions and many agents, clustering happens. For the reverse, pretty much every agent has their own opinion. Runs at different number of opinions can show the thresholds that these these transitions happen (called precipitation?).
    • On [page 69] there is a brief mention of a model with a vector of opinions, which sounds a lot like my ‘belief’ being a set of statements. The title looks good too: Different topologies for a herding model of opinion (abstract below)
    • Back to NMF
      • Have sliders adjust scalar matrices
      • Chain the raw, scalar and scaled matrices together.
      • Make sure that the changed matrices are visible.
      • Add a load option that if there is only one matrix, that factorization can be run on that matrix, rather than having to read in the factored spreadsheets. Will need a (k) size select and a ‘calculate factors’ button
    • BRC
      • It’s impossible to get the VPN to work. Asked Stan for a better machine.
      • Matt is getting the full DB downloaded so I can work on it locally. Done
      • Can’t create the DB. Messages into Matt and Gregg.
        • Wound up doing the following to create the postgres db in pgAdminIII
          1. Created user postgres
          2. Created new db npi_raw as a UTF8 db, with postgres as owner.
          3. Created dev_ci and integrety_ci schemas with postgres as owner
          4. Right-click on the dev_ci schema and select restore. Navigate to the npi_raw.backup file and click ‘Restore’
          5. Right-click on the integrity_ci schema and select restore. Navigate to the integrity_ci folder and then restore each of the backup files.

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