Phil 12.2.12

7:00 – 6:00 ASRC

  • Wrote up notes from yesterday’s meeting with Aaron
  • Google had lined this up for me: A Study of Factuality, Objectivity and Relevance: Three Desiderata in Large-Scale Information Retrieval?
  • Back to Sociophysics
    • I appear to be working with (maybe?) class ‘C’ social networks, where links connect people indirectly [pg 19].Covered in chapter 7 – Of Flocks, Flows and Transports
  • Starting on NMF LMN tool. I need some interactivity to see how manipulation works
    • Copied the guts over from LMN. I think the best way to do this first is to show the two factored mats as tables and then show the result as text. Then scale rows, cols or cells
    • Changing Labled2DMatrix to handle reading from a given sheet name/number – done
  • Meeting with Don to work through Opinion Dynamics paper math.
    • Word for today – Quotient Set, the splitting of a set into subsets that the rule allows and that it does not. The rule isDigit() compared against set {1,w,3,r,5,h} would produce {{1, 3, 5}, {w, r, h}}

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