Phil 11.28.16

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC

  • Stumbled upon the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (TIIS). They have two interesting upcoming issues:
  • Jonathan Albright came up on my Twitter feed. He’s doing interesting data journalism. Here’s his thoughts on fake news. It’s really odd that he’s not published peer reviewed. Is this because he’s at a teaching university?
  • Looking through Sociophysics, and finding some interesting references.
    • Minority Opinion Spreading in Random Geometry
      • Abstract: The dynamics of spreading of the minority opinion in public debates (a reform proposal, a behavior change, a military retaliation) is studied using a diffusion reaction model. People move by discrete step on a landscape of random geometry shaped by social life (offices, houses, bars, and restaurants). A perfect world is considered with no advantage to the minority. A one person-one argument principle is applied to determine locally individual mind changes. In case of equality, a collective doubt is evoked which in turn favors the Status Quo. Starting from a large in favor of the proposal initial majority, repeated random size local discussions are found to drive the majority reversal along the minority hostile view. Total opinion refusal is completed within few days. Recent national collective issues are revisited. The model may apply to rumor and fear propagation.
  • Updating intellij and waiting for 497MB to download
  • Continue to generalize NMF. get k tested and implicit in the matrix passing. Start NMF class as part of JavaUtils. Done
  • Start to integrate NMF into CorpusManager. Initially, I’m just going to use it to produce the matrix, like TF-IDF.
    • Computing, now I need to sort and trim
  • Fika with Aaron on writing. Need to ask for his slide deck.
  • Meeting with Wayne, mostly catching up. What book should I give hime? The most tabbed are Sciences of the Artificial, Last Place on Earth, and Social Science.

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