Phil 10.31.16

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC

  • Working on survey
  • Reading Vector space models of semantics. Fifty pages. Ow!
  • Useful neural net blog
  • Meeting with Wayne
    • Add an open comments section “is there anything that you’d like to add”
    • UI+AI to determine online trustworthiness
    • Ran my proposal (with equalized docs – better!) through LMN. More words in the query mean more specificity, so I went up to 9.
      • The Scholar result is here, set for no patents.
      • Scholar, with ‘single counts’ is here.
      • The standard result, which is also interesting is here.
      • Standard, with single counts (better?) is here.
    • Need to start on a spreadsheet of venues. (Get these off the laptop)
      • ICWSM 2017 – Abstracts Jan 6, full papers Jan 13
      • ICPSR is a site containing lots of data. Looking for qualitative corpora. Using ‘interview’ seems to bring up a lot, but you need to log in to use.