Phil 10.25.16

Image result for the gauntlet bus

PhD proposal! Passed!Here are the slides.

  • Shimei brought up a point about recommender systems. I think that as we currently have them, recommenders are like advisors. Maybe we need a guide more than a recommender? Could be an interesting study.
  • Aaron M. wants me to be clear on the differences between True and Antibubble
  • Aaron D. brought up the thought that all bubbles are bad. Need to point him at the section in the Law of Group Polarization that shows how small bubbles can allow nascent ideas to mature. I think that this is an important part of the agent model. I also think that agents should be able to ‘see’ how another agent feels about them (third belief/antibelief model)
  • Need to follow up with everyone to get their thoughts before everything fades.
    • Wayne – Monday
    • Don
    • Aaron
    • Shimei
    • Thom

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