Phil 10.3.16

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC

  • Reworking browser mockup. Rather than using the ‘Trustworthy’ ranking, I thought I’d go more functional and exploration-supporting. Clicking on the Antibubble annotation for a story would show the context for the ‘trustworthy’ context. Clicking on the Bubble annotation would show the ech0-chamber context. The criteria for ranking documents could be selected by combobox.


  • Implications for design section
  • Aaron’s presentation
    • Managing Ambiguity in Legal Requirements
    • Ambiguity as a tool of understanding issues?
    • In law, building in ambiguity to extend law lifetime. But shut specific loopholes
    • Sounds a lot like compiler design
    • Code clusters for paragraphs
  • 4:00 Meeting with Wayne
    • Inline citations
    • APA format
    • Print to pdf and offer hard copy in the distribution.

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