Phil 8.3.16

VTX 7:00 – 3:30


  • Need to add diagram that connects research questions
  • Need to add some setup for each section
  • Need to add a ‘done’ condition to the discussion of the RQs. – Working this.
    • Struggled with RQ2 and RQ2a. My issue was one of ordering reall. I’d like to get some good information about how the current tool would be used. I know there will need to be modifications and I don’t want to get tied up in designing before the people that I can talk to about the design have a sense of how it might work. So what is required for a pre-design design? And how do you evaluate it.
    • As a side note, I could certainly revisit the Google news navigation. The RSS code isn’t supported any more, but it looks like a CSE with NewsArticle might work. Looks like it does! ScholarlyArticle is supported as well!
  • Add a study where subjects have explorer, confirmer and avoider roles when searching for an answer. (This should be in the E.C. for 5.4.4)
  • Add a final study that’s just ‘open search’? (This could be interesting with 5.4.5. It wouldn’t be any more coding than the Red Scare system. Still a Google CSE as the back end, but running through an intermediary server for logging.)


  • Going to try the similarity distance as the ratio of similar items to the total. That turned out to work very nicely. Here’s the code of it:
    public double compare(Belief targBelief) {
        CollectionCompare cc = new CollectionCompare();
        // look for all matches and partial matches from teh target's point of view
        for (Statement targStatement : targBelief.getList()) {
            if (statementMap.containsKey(targStatement.getName())) {
                Statement sourceStatement = statementMap.get(targStatement.getName());
                double matches = Math.min(sourceStatement.getWeight(), targStatement.getWeight());
                cc.matches += matches;
                cc.mismatches += Math.max(sourceStatement.getWeight(), targStatement.getWeight()) - matches;
            } else {
                cc.mismatches += targStatement.getWeight();
        // look for all mismatches from our point of view
        Map<String, Statement> targMap = targBelief.getMap();
        for (Statement sourceStatement : getList()) {
            if (!targMap.containsKey(sourceStatement.getName())) {
                cc.mismatches += sourceStatement.getWeight();
    = cc.matches+cc.mismatches;
        double ratio = cc.matches/;
        return ratio;
  • Had to add a pull towards the origin
  • Added sliders to manipulate attraction and repulsion