Phil 7.29.16

7:00 – 3:30 VTX

  • Found this: We need more solution-oriented social science: on changing our frames of reference and tackling big social problems.
  • Paper
    • Need to add diagram that connects research questions
    • Need to add some setup for each section
    • Need to describe that the intent of building the model is to have a starting point that is updated as research continues. It’s plastic, not static
    • Need to add a ‘done’ condition to the discussion of the RQs.
    • Add a study where subjects have explorer, confirmer and avoider roles when searching for an answer.
    • Add a final study that’s just ‘open search’?
  • More interactive app for visualizing group polarization
    • Adding OpenGL-like matrix manipulation to Resizable canvas – done
      • Well, I thought I was. Needed to use a copy constructor to place a copy of the matrix rather than the same old pointer.
    • Need to get the origin at the center – done
    • Need to build some graphic entities that mostly draw themselves and hang onto state. Also some interactivity like detecting clicks. Damn – it looks like I need to unproject the matrix. Done. Yay, there was already a bounding box class.
    • Assuming that I can make attraction work on a force model, then some things come along for free
      • Closer agents are more like minded. Therefore looking at closer agents for statements makes sense
      • Clustering can then be based on the distance model. We should use dp-means (blog) (paper), since we don’t know the number of clusters?