Phil 5.12.16

7:00 – 5:00 VTX

  • Found a more detailed version of The Law of Group Polarization from the University of Chicago Law School
  • More paper writing.
    • Not sure if hemmingwayapp is good for these kinds of papers, but it might be interesting to try
    • Working through code frequency counts
  • Finish TF-IDF – Done
  • Added sorting based on value in a Map.
  • Build term spreadsheet maker
    • TF-IDF term document matrix with weights at intersections
    • DF-ITF term document matrix with counts at intersections
    • DF-ITF as above with rank column?
  • Run several known corpora through and validate
  • Moved PageReader to JavaUtils
  • Had a nice chat with Stan.
  • Top ten DF-ITF terms get moby dick.(Library lie company quote Whale Melville Herman Summary search she)
  • Corrupted my LanguageModelTest workspace.

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