Phil 5.10.16

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Paper. Slow progress
  • Meeting with Wayne at 4:00.
    • Default to ‘interactive’ on LMP
    • Write the ‘motivations’ section – ‘The Lit Review that ate Itself’
  • Doing morning webpage rating
    • Need to clear out contents of notes and paste after a save
  • DF-ITF today
  • Labeled the spreadsheet.
  • Putting in the StanfordNLP plumbing
    • To solve the ‘missing models’ load bug, I went to the github download:

      and linked to the

  • Heth pulled me into a vortex of getting the derived datastore up and running on my windows box instance of PostGres. You need a eip user and eip role to do this. The command that restores from a tar file is:
    pg_restore -c -i -U eip -d medicalpractitioner -v "qa-derived.tar"

    Here’s a screenshot of the populated DB: MedicalPractitionerDB and here’s the role screenshot: EipLoginRole

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