Phil 5.4.16

7:00 – 5:30

  • Had a thought about looking at the difference of a re-weighted networks and the ‘original’ network. If the reweighted network is say, 95% similar to the original, then the re-weighting can be considered not to be significant and can therefore be read as a viable hypothesis. If, on the other hand, the difference is greater than that, then the degree of difference is an indication of how poor the match of the concepts(?) vs the data is.
  • And with that in mind, starting on An Introduction to the Bootstrap. Here’s hoping it’s readable… So far, so good. Made it through chapter one understanding most(?) things?

  • Added exponential mapping for weight slider

  • Commented out the lines that changed the weight in the docList and termList. And added them back in if the ‘use single counts is being changed.
  • Added the ‘top’ button. Need to implement
  • Adding a simple difference calculation
  • Figured out most of bootstrap in Excel.
  • Sprint planning.

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