Phil 5.2.16

7:00 – 3:00 VTX

  • How to get funding using Web of Science
  • Finished  Supporting Reflective Public Thought with ConsiderIt
    • Watched the ConsiderIt demo. I love the histogram that shows how the issue polarization is characterized.
  • Back to  Informed Citizenship in a Media-Centric Way of Life
    • Page 225 – Conclusions: As prescriptive as it may sound, it is time to suspend the normative traditions that envelop journalism and democracy, take stock of how knowledge is explicated and operationalized, and calibrate research practice to accommodate an explication of informed citizenship and democratic participation itted to contemporary life. Doing so strays from the dominant research paradigm, grounded in convictions about the supremacy of rational thought, verbal information, news as cold hard facts, and electoral activities as the gold standard of participatory practices. We advanced arguments for a departure from tradition and elaborated on how the very notions of informed citizenship and political participation are mutating in (and because of) the current media environment.
    • And this is kind of scary: Freedom is on the longest global downward trajectory in 40 years (Freedom House, 2011), democratic failure is at the highest rate since the mid-1980s (Diamond, 1999), and there are indicators of qualitative erosion in democratic practice worldwide (Bertelsmann Foundation, 2012). he people’s view on democratic life appears tepid, in several parts of the world, there are reports of a so-called authoritarial nostalgia among citizens who live in Asian countries that are transforming to democratic systems of governance (Chang, Chu, & Park, 2007) while a mere half (or fewer) of Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, and Indonesians expressed strong support for democratic rule (World Public, 2015).
      • Make America Great Again.
    • Done. Reading this makes me feel more like a connectivist/AI revolution is coming that will either tend towards isolating us more or finding ways to bring us together. The thing is that we’re wired to do both. So this really is a design problem.
  • ————————————
  • Well drat, was going to do some light work on developing the ranking app, but it looks like I forgot to check in the latest version of Java Utils
  • Installed Launch4j
  • TODO:
    • Add a ‘session name’ text field – done
    • Add a ‘interactive’ checkbox. If it’s selected, then change in the weight slider will fire calculate(). Done
    • Fixed the ‘Reset Weights’
    • Got the ‘Use Unit Weights’ option. I just replace all the non-zero values in the derived symmetric matrix to 1.0. I have a suspicion that this will come back to bite me, but for now I can’t think of a reason. The only thing that I really don’t like is that there is no obvious change in the data. The ‘Weights’ column actually means ‘scalar’. This issue is that the whole matrix would have to be shown, since the weight exists at the intersection of two items. So a row or column is sort of a sum of weights.
    • Start TF-IDF app. It should do the following:
      • Take a list of URIs (local or remote, pdf, html, text). These are the documents
      • Read each of the documents into a data structure that has
        • Document title
        • Keywords (if called out)
        • Word list (lemmatized)
          • Word
          • Document count
          • Parts Of Speech(?)
      • Run TF-IDF to produce an ordered list of terms
      • Build a co-occurrence matrix of terms and documents
      • Output matrix to Excel.
  • The end of a good day:

LMT With Data

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