Phil 4.29.16

7:00 – 5:00 VTX

  • Expense reports and timesheets! Done.
  • Continuing Informed Citizenship in a Media-Centric Way of Life
    • The pertinence interface may be an example of a UI affording the concept of monitorial citizenship.
      • Page 219: The monitorial citizen, in Schudson’s (1998) view, does environmental surveillance rather than gathering in-depth information. By implication, citizens have social awareness that spans vast territory without having in-depth understanding of specific topics. Related to the idea of monitorial instead of informed citizenship, Pew Center (2008) data identified an emerging group of young (18–34) mobile media users called news grazers. These grazers ind what they need by switching across media platforms rather than waiting for content to be served.
    • Page 222: Risk as Feelings. The abstract is below. There is an emotional hacking aspect here that traditional journalism has used (heuristically?) for most(?) of its history.
      • Virtually all current theories of choice under risk or uncertainty are cognitive and consequentialist. They assume that people assess the desirability and likelihood of possible outcomes of choice alternatives and integrate this information through some type of expectation-based calculus to arrive at a decision. The authors propose an alternative theoretical perspective, the risk-as-feelings hypothesis, that highlights the role of affect experienced at the moment of decision making. Drawing on research from clinical, physiological, and other subfields of psychology, they show that emotional reactions to risky situations often diverge from cognitive assessments of those risks. When such divergence occurs, emotional reactions often drive behavior. The risk-as-feelings hypothesis is shown to explain a wide range of phenomena that have resisted interpretation in cognitive–consequentialist terms.
    • At page 223 – Elections as the canon of participation

  • Working on getting tables to sort – Done

  • Loading excel file -done
  • Calculating – done
  • Using weights -done
  • Reset weights – done
  • Saving (don’t forget to add sheet with variables!) – done
  • Wrapped in executable – done
  • Uploading to dropbox. Wow – the files with JavaFX are *much* bigger than Swing.

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