Phil 4.14.16

7:00 – 3:30 VTX

  • Continuing The ‘like me’ framework for recognizing and becoming an intentional agent
  • Page 2: Perception influences production, and production influences perception, with substantial implications for social cognition.
    • This must be a foundational element of Social Trust. I see you do a thing. I imitate the thing. I feel (not think!) that it is the same thing. I do a thing. You imitate the thing. Think peekaboo. We establish a rapport. This is different from System Trust, where I put something somewhere and it’s still there. System trust may be derived fundamentally from Object Permanence, while Social Trust comes from imitation?
    • This is(?) tied to motor neurons. From Mirror neurons: Enigma of the metaphysical modular brainEssentially, mirror neurons respond to actions that we observe in others. The interesting part is that mirror neurons fire in the same way when we actually recreate that action ourselves.
      • Implications for design? Journalism is definitely built around the ‘like me’ concept that it is built around stories. IR is much less so, and is more data focused.
    • At section 3 – Experiment 1: learning tool-use by observing others
      • We have Social Trust first. Then we learn to use tools. Tools are different from, though related to the environment. They are not ‘like me’, but they extend me (Heidegger again). More later.
  • Page 3: For example, there is an intimate relation between striving to achieve a goal and a concomitant facial expression and effortful bodily acts.
    • This is like the boot loader or initial dictionary entry. Hard-wired common vocabulary.
  • Page 3: Humans, including preverbal infants, imbue the acts of others with felt meaning not solely (or at first) through a formal process of step-by-step reasoning, but because the other is processed as ‘like me.’ This is underwritten by the way humans represent action—the supramodal action code—and self experience
    • So is there a ‘more like me’ and ‘less like me’?
  • Meeting with Wayne this evening
    • Go over notes
    • Coding session
  • ——————
  • Check to see that reports are being made correctly
    • Fix “Get all rated” Numerous issues, including strings with commas
    • Fix “Get Match Counts” all zeros
    • Fix “Get No Match Counts” redundent
    • Change “Get Blacklist (CSV)” to “Black/White list (CSV)
    • Add “Get Whitelist (Google CSE)
    • Change the Sets in getBlack/Whitelist to use maps rather than sets so blacklist culling can be used with more informative rows.
  • Update remote DB and test a few pages. Ran into a problem with LONGTEXT and Postgress. Went back to TEXT
  • Went over Aaron’s ASB slides a couple of times. Introduced him to Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM).
  • Present new system to Andy, Margarita and John. Tomorrow…

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