Phil 3.31.16

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Starting on What is Trust? A Conceptual Analysis and An Interdisciplinary Model.
  • Starting to set up the key and sitelist repo
  • It turns out that you can export xml configuration of the CSE and the annotations for that CSE. From
  • We can only have a total of 5k annotations. That’s not a problem – yet.
  • All the files are set up and transferred. New search engines are
    ONLY_COM = "cx=006834724223295726872:k0pebqyqa8m"
    ONLY_EDU = "cx=006834724223295726872:gded1dvdt94"
    ONLY_GOV = "cx=006834724223295726872:ydjrxqpedqq"
    ONLY_ORG = "cx=006834724223295726872:lsgxnigrfme"
    ONLY_US = "cx=006834724223295726872:dw0n0_hai6s"
  • Found a more credible source than (possibly just for New York state? But it has VA records..). Anyway, not only does it have a nice listing, it also has a pdf of the relevant board order. Which means we can build a good legal languagge model. Very nice:
  • Need to rethink the PoiObject class to be more general.

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