Phil 3.28.16

7:00 – 2:30 VTX

  • Took some notes on the MS Tay fiasco yesterday. Need to ping Peter Lee and see if I can get anywhere talking about Group Polarization Theory. Done
  • Microsoft Research Open source for academics
  • Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (beta) LUIS
  • Veracity Roadmap:Is Big Data Objective, Truthful and Credible?
  • Continuing The Law of Group Polarization
    • Page 193: The  constraints  of  time  and  attention  call  for  limits  to heterogeneity; and-a separate point-for good deliberation to take place, some views  are properly placed off the  table, simply because  time  is  limited and they are so  invidious,  implausible,  or both.  This  point might seem  to  create  a  final conundrum: To know what points of view should be represented in any group deliberation,  it  is  important  to  have  a  good  sense  of  the  substantive  issues involved,  indeed a  sufficiently  good sense  as to  generate judgments about what points of view must be included and excluded. But if we already know that, why should we  not proceed directly to  the  merits?  If we  already  know that,  before deliberation occurs, does deliberation have any point at all?
    • The answer is that we often do  know enough to  know which views  count as reasonable,  without  knowing  which  view  counts  as  right,  and  this  point  is sufficient to allow people to  construct deliberative  processes that should correct for the most serious problems potentially created by group deliberation. What is necessary is not to allow every view to be heard, but to ensure that no single view is so  widely heard,  and reinforced,  that  people  are  unable  to  engage  in  critical evaluation of the reasonable competitors. 
  • Now that I’ve gotten the queries behaving, working on the SemRushIO and BacklinkObject
    • Added configuration file
    • Nice to know. If SemRush finds nothing, it returns
      ERROR 50 :: NOTHING FOUND so, we can do two passes; if the specific result returns nothing, we can go to the root.
    • Built up the SemRush base class based on the JsonLoadable
    • Built the SrBacklinkObject
    • Loading the object successfully.
  • Fika

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