Phil 3.11.16

8:00 – VTX

  • Created new versions of the Friday crawl scheduler, one for GOV, one for ORG.
  • The gap between inaccurate viral news stories and the truth is 13 hours, based on this paper: Hoaxy – A Platform for Tracking Online Misinformation
  • Here’s a rough list on why UGC stored in a graph might be the best way to handle the BestPracticesService.
    • Self generating, self correcting information using incentivized contributions (every time a page you contributed to is used, you get money/medals/other…)
    • Graph database, maybe document elements rather than documents
      BPS has its own network, but it connects to doctors and possibly patients (anonymized?) and their symptoms.
    • Would support Results-driven medicine from a variety of interesting dimensions. For example we could calculate the best ‘route’ from symptoms to treatment using A*. Conversely, we could see how far from the optimal some providers are.
    • Because it’s UGC, there can be a robust mechanism for keeping information current (think Wikipedia) as well as handling disputes
    • Could be opened up as its own diagnostic/RDM tool.
    • A graph model allows for easy determination of provenience.
    • A good paper to look at: One of the social sites it looked at was Medscape, which seems to be UGC
  • Got the new Rating App mostly done. Still need to look into inbound links
  • Updated the blacklists on everything

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