Phil 2.26.16

7:00 – 4:30 VTX

  • Continuing Incentivizing High-quality User-Generated Content.
    • Suppose there are M viewers. The distribution of the total available attention from these M viewers amongst the K participating contributors is determined by the mechanism M being used to display the content. But what if it’s the Idea Channel’s hybrid approach? Google does some ranking of the replies (that has to do with viewer rating?), but then (Mike Rugnetta? Staff?) go through some sample of the comments looking for those that are worth incorporating into the show? Oh, wait, are the comments are on Reddit? Or is that where we go to comment on the comments? I’m confused. There does seem to be more dialog on Rettit. Is this cultural? Design? Both?
    • After poking around a bit, I discovered that youtube creators have special tools to search through their comments:
  • More rating tool stuff
    • Working on Blacklist. Kinda done? The JPA query that uses LIKE isn’t behaving in the way I think it should. Using ‘flaggable match’ for now instead of ‘match’. Oh. Duh. You need to use ‘%’ to indicate the match %pattern%. Now I’m done.
    • Create a loop that changes all the QueryObjects so that qo.getUnquotedName() is used and persist. Done.
    • Moving on to eliminating redundant URLs that have the same rating per person (maybe also start skipping when the same rating for two people?)
    • I think it’s done – need to test. I’m a bit worried about recursion in loadNextPage/loadNextQuery. Might have to clean that up a bit.