Phil 2.16.16

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Interesting stuff from Stephen Wolfram’s blog: Data Science of the Facebook World. Makes me wonder if you can infer age and gender from writing. Is this global or just US?
  • Meeting today with Wayne at 4:00
  • Added Config load
  • Added provider load
  • Added query generation. I realized that there is no need to generate a new query that is the same as a query that has never been run, so after generating all the potential new queries, I compare them to the untested list and remove any common items before persisting.
    • HOWEVER, while doing the calculation, I was adding all the QueryObjects to the ProviderObjects and then deleting them, so that when I persists, I was adding HUGE numbers of lines. Moved the testing around so that it happens before a potential QueryObject is created.