Phil 2.12.16

6:30 – 4:30 VTX

  • Continuing Participatory journalism – the (r)evolution that wasn’t. Content and user behavior in Sweden 2007–2013
  • Create xml configuration file
  • Integrate Flyway?
  • Meeting on rating tool. Thoughts:
    • Add a ‘I goofed’ button to the GUI (or maybe a ‘back’ button that lets you change the rating?
    • Add more info that pops up medical provider.
    • Add an analytics app that looks for ratings that disagree, either as outliers (watch out for that reviewer) or there is disagreement (are we having problems with terms, fuzzy matching, or what?)
    • Add a second app that tags the ontology onto the ‘Flaggable Match’
    • Write up a guidance manual for edge conditions. Comes up when you click ‘help’
    • When an url comes up that has already been reviewed more than N times and the reviews match substantially (A majority? – means odd numbers of reviews) for the same provider don’t run that result item, just add a copy of the rating object wit the name of (‘computed’)
  • Return from NJ