Phil 12.28.15

7:00 – 5:00 VTX

  • Oliver, J. Eric, and Thomas J. Wood. “Conspiracy theories and the paranoid style (s) of mass opinion.” American Journal of Political Science 58.4 (2014): 952-966., and the Google Scholar page of papers that cite this. Looking for insight as to the items that make (a type of?) person believe false information.
  • This follows up on an On the Media show called To Your Health, that had two interesting stories: An interview with John Bohannon, who published the intentionally bad study on chocolate, and an interview with Taryn Harper Wright, a blogger who chases down cases of Munchausen by Internet, and says that excessive drama is a strong indicator of this kind of hoax.
  • Reading Social Media and Trust during the Gezi Protests in Turkey.
    • Qualitative study that proposes Social Trust and System Trust
      • Social Trust
      • System Trust
  • Hibernating Moderately
    • Working on the dictionary
    • Working on the Corpus
      • Name
      • Date created
      • Source URL
      • Raw Content
      • Cleaned Content
      • Importer
      • Word count
      • guid
    • I think I’ll need a table that has the word id that points to a corpus and gives the count of that word in that corpus. The table gets updated whenever a dictionary is run against a corpus. Since words are not shared between dictionaries (Java != Java), getting the corpus to dictionary relationship is straightforward if needed.
    • Created a GuidBase that handles the name, id, and guid code that’s shared across most of the items.
    • Discovered Jsoup, which has some nice (fast?) html parsing.
    • Finished most of Corpus. Need to add a join to users. Done
    • Added BaseDictionary.
    • Added BaseDictionaryEntry.
    • Working on getting a join table working that maps words to corpora and am getting a “WARN: SQL Error: 1062, SQLState: 23000”. I was thinking that I could create a new HashMap, but I think I may have to point to the list in a different way. Here’s the example from JustHibernate:
              Showroom showroom = new Showroom();
              showroom.setLocation("East Croydon, Greater London");
              showroom.setManager("Barry Larry");
              Set cars = new HashSet();
              cars.add(new Car("Toyota", "Racing Green"));
              cars.add(new Car("Nissan", "White"));
              cars.add(new Car("BMW", "Black"));
              cars.add(new Car("Mercedes", "Silver"));
    • Where the Showroom class has the Cars Set annotation as follows:
           joinColumns = @JoinColumn(name="SHOWROOM_ID")
          private Set cars = null;
    • Anyway, more tomorrow…
    • Start on queries that:
      • List networks for users
      • List dictionaries for users
      • List Corpora