Phil 12.17.15

7:00 – 4:00 VTX

  • Architectures: GPS, SOAR, Subsumption, Society of Mind
    • GPS – General Problem Solver Newell & Simon
    • SOAR – State Operator and Result. (RCS for problem solving + GOMS?)
    • Emotion Machine – Minsky  Multiple Levels
      • Instinctive reaction
      • Learned reaction
      • Deliberative thinking
      • Reflective thinking – Memory
      • Self-reflecting (planning?)
      • Self-conscious thinking (social interaction)
    • Based on the Common Sense Hypothesis
      • Open Mind Concept
      • Henry Lieberman
      • Media Lab
    • Alternative Ideas
      • Rodney Brooks – Subsumption architecture
        • Creature Hypothesis – once you can get a machine to be as smart as an insect, the rest will be easy. (Very RCS!)
        •  Layers of abstraction, each with its own Vision, Reasoning and Action layers.
          • Avoiding Object Layer
          • Wandering Layer
          • Explore Layer
          • Seek Layer
          • Etc.
        • Rules
          • No representation (no world model)
          • Use the world instead of a model. Everything is reactive.
          • Finite State Machines
        • Roomba is an example.
      • Genisys System
        • Strong Story Hypothesis
          • White room experiment (described in video here)
            • Children begin to orient correctly after they start using the words ‘left’ and ‘right’ when they describe the world.
            • Adults doing ‘english to english translation’ they fail the test.
            • Also in a radiolab show: Words
        • Based on language
          • Perception (Real and imagined [running with a bucket of water])
          • Description of events
            • Stories
            • Culture
              • Macro
              • Micro
  • Did a little poking around with hibernate, since Jeremy says that Hibernate plus annotations are the standard here. It does look like 4.3.8 final is the version that’s being used (4.3.11 is close enough?) with jpa annotations. Jeremy’s also been using Spring Data JPA, which I guess needs to be on the list as well.
  • Debating on whether I should set up a Hibernate sandbox with Gradle, but I think that’s a bridge too far.
  • Oh yeah, when you check out a project in subversion, check it out at its trunk node. Otherwise Gradle doesn’t know what to do. It also seems to be downloading everything again as I import the project. I wonder if this will take 41 minutes again?
    • You can then run by clicking on src/main/java/com.philfeldman.nlpservice/web/Application.
    • Verified that everything works by sending json object to localhost:8870/nlpservice/analyze in Postman: Postman
  • Ok, back to setting up a sandbox for schema development
    • Downloading and installing Postgresql, version 9.4.5
    • The install kind of broke and didn’t create the data files. I wound up doing the Short Version from the command line, which is working just fine.
    • To start the db server – C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.4\bin>postgres.exe -D \Development\PostGresSQL\Data
    • To run the client – C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.4\bin>psql test
    • Set up shortcuts that launch the server and the test db following these instructions.
  • Starting the Hibernate sandbox project.
    • Had to enable the the hibernate IntelliJ plugin
    • connected IntelliJ to the postgres db using the Database View. . I thought the superuser name was ‘postgres’, but \du says it’s ‘philip.feldman’. It must have pulled that from the OS. Password was what I thought I set it to though.
    • In a fit of unrealistic expectation, decided to start with the latest hibernate Version 5.5.1.Final. The jar structure is really different from 4.3.11.Final, but we’ll see how that goes. Using the Hibernate 5.0 quickstart

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