Phil 12.4.15

8:00 – VTX

  • Scrum
  • Found an interesting tidbit on the WaPo this morning. It implies that if there is a pattern of statement followed by a search for confirming information followed by a public citation of confirming information could be the basic unit of an information bubble. For this to be a bubble, I think the pertinent information extracted from the relevant search results would have to be somehow identifiable as a minority view. This could be done by comparing the Jaccard index of the adjusted results with the raw returns of a search? In other words, if the world (relevant search)  has an overall vector in one direction and the individual preferences produce a pertinent result that is pointing in the opposite direction (large dot product), then the likelihood of those results being the result of echo-chamber processes are higher?
  • If the Derived DB depends on analyst examination of the data, this could be a way of flagging analyst bias.
  • Researching WebScaleSQL, I stumbled on another db from Facebook. This one,  RocksDB, is more focused on speed. From the splash page:
    • RocksDB can be used by applications that need low latency database accesses. A user-facing application that stores the viewing history and state of users of a website can potentially store this content on RocksDB. A spam detection application that needs fast access to big data sets can use RocksDB. A graph-search query that needs to scan a data set in realtime can use RocksDB. RocksDB can be used to cache data from Hadoop, thereby allowing applications to query Hadoop data in realtime. A message-queue that supports a high number of inserts and deletes can use RocksDB.
  • Interestingly, RocksDB appears to have integration with MongoDB and is working on MySQL integration. Cassandra appears to be implementing similar optimizations.
  • Just discovered, which is a social medial sourced, reporter curated news stream. Could be a good source of data to compare against things like news feeds from Google or major news venues.
  • Control System Meeting
    • Send RCS and Search Competition to Bob
    • Seems like this whole system is a lot like what Databricks is doing?

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