Phil 12.1.15

7:30 – 5:00

  • Learning: Identification Trees, Disorder
    • Trees of tests
    • Identification Tree (Not a decision tree!)
    • Measuring Disorder – lowest disorder is best test
      • Disorder(set of binaries) = -(positive/total*log2(positive/total)) – (neg/total*log2(neg/total))
        • is the base log related to the base of the set?
        • Add up the disorder of each result in the test to determine the disorder of the test normalized by the number of samples. Lowest disorder is winner
  • Bringing in my machine learning, pattern recognition and stats books.
  • Bringing in my big laptop
  • Setting up dev environment.
    • Using the new IDEA 15.x, which seems to be OK for the typescript, will check PHP tomorrow.
    • Installed grunt (grunt-global, then grunt-local from the makefiles)
    • installed typescript (npm i -g typescript)
    • Installed gnuWin32 , which has makefile and touch support, along with all the important DLLs. It turns out that there is also gnuWin64. Will use that next time
    • Fixed bugs that didn’t get caught before. Older compiler?
      • commented out the waa.d.ts from the three.d.ts definitelytyped file
      • deleted the { antialias: boolean; alpha: boolean; } args from the CanvasRenderer call in classes/WebGlCanvasClasses
      • added title?:string and assoc_name?:string to IPostObject in RssController
      • had to add the experiments/wglcharts2 folder to the xampp Apache htdocs
      • added word?:string to IPostObj in RssAppDirectives
      • added word_type_name?:string to IPostObj in RssAppDirectives
      • fixed the font calls in WebGl3dCharts IComponentConfig.
    • Since these issues really shouldn’t have happened, I’m going to verify that they are not in my home dev environment before checking in.
  • And the new computer arrived, so I get to do some of the install tomorrow.

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