Phil 9.9.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • No progress on Dev admin
  • Work on correlation of concepts, keywords, etc. Start with ‘horse’ and ‘rider’?  TODO
  • Work on support/dispute TODO
  • PageRank in PHP TODO
  • Add ‘show/hide unrelated‘. Also, Invisible items should not have physics calculations
  • Add ‘center on selected‘? that would move the center of rotation to be any selected item.
  • Change the CSS so that the style of the buttons is taller It looks funky in some version of FF. Done
  • Clicking on queries in the network display doesn’t cause them to show up in the query window, but CONCEPTS do. Fixed
  • Adding ‘delete network’ button, since the workspace is getting cluttered. Done
  • Ran into a difficult bug to chase down. When I was deleting the last of two items (a query and an url) the url didn’t delete. It turns out that I was using a reference to an array rather than a new array of references. So I was deleting an item from an array while I was still processing the array. Ooops.

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