Phil 8.25.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Zeno’s admin saga continues…. Hey, I got remote desktop running! Ok, on to getting admin on my dev machine.
  • Meeting with Ronda on Friday to work on provisioning and testing servers.
  • Realized that since putting in the responses to a query, that I need associations that are COMPUTED, EXPLICIT, and DEPRECATED. In other words, the query results in 10 URLS. But the user only selects 3 now and 2 later. Only those urls and their connections are explicit in the network. Ones that I don’t want to show I deprecate. They can still be there (and probably should be? so the different networks can be compared)
  • This means that rather than adding the results of a search, we cull. This may actually work well, since in brings a different (less is more) mindset.
  • Working on putting the database items in the network, which means making a dataprovider. I think the easiest way to not have duplications is to have the Wgl3dCharts.NetworkChartInfo class manage that?