Phil 8.7.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • And still no admin
  • Meeting with Debbie next Wednesday at 9:00
  • Fixed various timesheet issues
  • Working on storing and retrieving networks
    • Items should only be added, not deleted
      • Modifying GoogleNewsRSS so that it can create and retrieve items using networkDbIo – done
      • Sending up userId for queries. Also setting data xfer so that data is sent up as an IPostObject. – done
    • Is this the same for associations?
    • Associations are added and removed from tn_network_data
    • All sessions start with a default name (user+timestamp?), which can be modified
      • Added a description field to tn_networks.
      • Added a title field to tn_items that I somehow overlooked

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