Phil 7.28.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Fixing charts – everything done but TST. Did we do that one by hand?
  • Had a thought that the entire financial system could be represented as a network, which could be made to fit into the framework I’m trying to develop. It might let me collapse the project into something small enough for one person to manage, since the database would shrink to only a few (5?) tables…
  • Ordering Software – Visual Studio and IDEA Ultimate
  • A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Starting to build the server classes that will access the network data
    • A new component doesn’t have have an id_index, so we will know when to create and when to update. Deletion may be tricky, since multiple networks may share an item. We may just want to keep deleted items around anyway, since the fact that they were once attached might mean something…?
    • Class is up and doing raw calls to the database, which, of course is dangerous as heck. Working through how to do bound parameters. Staring with the addUser(), checkUser() and changePassword() methods, since they’re needed and unlikely to change.
    • Discovered the very nice PHP Data Objects (PDO) and this helpful tutorial. I have the checkUser() and rawSqlQuery() methods converted. Need to add some error checking, but very happy.

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