Phil 7.16.15

8:00 – 4:30 SR

  • The production server isn’t visible through the browser, though the test server is. It first I thought it was pre-populated keychains, but when the servers are set up identically, the production server still doesn’t cooperate. Ronda’s putting in a ticket.
  • Helped Ronda generate a PKI request for the new dev server, she’s going to try to make it work on the other two.
  • Looking at Dong’s code, I cannot figure out why he needs fat arrow. His:
    public promiseCaller():void{
       this.promise = this.service.getQueries();
       this.promise.then(this.processData, this.errorData);
    public processData = (data:any):void => {
       console.log("got data");
    public errorData = (data:any):void => {
       alert("error getting data");
  • And mine
    private goodUserQuery (response:any) {console.log("got data");}
    private goodUserQuery (response:any) {alert("error getting data");}
    public promiseCaller():void{
        this.queryService.submit(qstr, this.goodUserQuery, this.errorResponse);
  • Which calls (in the service):
    public submit(query:string, goodResponse:any, errorResponse:any):any {
       return this.httpService(query).then(goodResponse, errorResponse);
  • And it looks like Google won’t let me use their images as textures. Working at downloading on the server side and storing in a local directory, using PHP. That works just fine! And to keep from downloading the same pix all the time, added a check as well. PHP has pretty much everything you’d ever want to do stuff on the web. But no typing. Must check out Hack one of these days.
  • Adding connections. Finally! Simple conditions are working and up.

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