Dong Shin 07.15.2015

  • continue from yesterday’s setting up Phil’s laptop for build – done!
    • checked out all client codes
      • Financial Assistant Apps
        •  SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/JavaScript/FinancialAssistant
      • Charting App
        • SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/webstorm/charts
      • Query Builder App
        • SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/webstorm/QueryBuilder
      • Reqonciler App
        • SVN location: trunk/Sandbox_folders/DONG_SANDBOX/webstorm/Reqonciler
    • Configure Deployment Server for the projects
    • Screenshot 2015-07-15 07.44.08Screenshot 2015-07-15 08.39.47Screenshot 2015-07-15 08.40.06
    • changed link to FinancialAssistant in FinancialAssistantService(Java) in WebContent folder to point to valid directory
    • create logging database and use logging.sql to initialize
    • create visibility_scripting database and use to initialize

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