Phil 7.9.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Asked Dong to make sure that all projects were standalone, and didn”t depend on Maven, etc. that was outside the repository.
  • Fixed one of the names in the PM database list
  • Trustworthiness –
    • Need to change the queries around so that the kind of data is listed (Url:, Keyword:, etc. This can be parsed as needed by the submitting methods – done
    • Get the initial interactions beween the webGL and the search. Set up the dataFormat to handle the types.
      • Working on the resetDataProvider and resetDataFormat.
    • Add new search buttons (Google News, Fact Checked, Alchemy News, etc) – done
    • Start adding in the DB
      • In the link table, types can be ‘relation’ ‘supports’ ‘disputes’, others(?)
  • Meeting with Brad and Steve
    • Send software and hardware configuration to Steve Filippi (scfilip)

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