Phil 7.6.15

8:00 – 4:00

  • Told Lenny about Dong’s resignation.
  • More dynamic chart data.
  • Set the meta information about the kind of data into each item so that the directive knows what to draw.
  • In the main app, set it so that the data was returned in one object and meta information about the query was returned in the other
  • Connect the data provider to the initial pull
  • Add additional defined strings for query types to support different flavors of queries (DRILL_DOWN, etc)
  • Add defined strings for response type (NEW, REPLACE, APPEND, UPDATE, etc) UPDATE should keep current data and only add new.
  • Need to be able to add and delete (lines? lighting?) between nodes without adjusting the behavior of the nodes. It’s be nice to be able to do this as part of the mouseover
    • AddRelation(target) – creates an entry in a hashmap
    • DeleteRelation(target) – deletes the entry
    • CustomMouseoverBehavior(c:WglComponentBase){} – add to CanvasBase

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