Monthly Archives: June 2015

Dong Shin 06.17.2015

Phil 6.16.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • We need to change the Funding breakdown error message so that it shows the amount of the error. The current message is confusing (“Funding Breakdown Total is less than the amount … $449,999.00”). Change to read “Funding Breakdown total is $36.17 less than the required amount”.
  • We need to change the ‘add users’ so that a new user added should immediately get added to the “role selection” popup without having to go through the selection of the just-added user.
  • Installed the new version of WebStorm. The deployment now seems buggy. Spent an hour getting everything to work again. Good thing I had notes.
  • Back to working on fake data generator for network
  • Changed I3DMinMax to I3DProperties. Not sure I like it, but there is more getting stuffed in there.
  • Got a first pass at the data provider. Need to do the format, then modify the chartInfo so that the graphic objects can be created.

Dong Shin 06.15.2015

Phil 6.15.2015

8:00 – 3:00 SR

  • Timesheets!
  • Bill V. is out for the week, so we changed some of the FR code in-situ.
  • Did have a thought – I need to calculate how much ATSBase is subtracting from the overall performance. Tried removing the ATSBase from CanvasClasses, which promptly broke in odd ways. Will look at this later.
  • More network display
    • Adding optional texture and primitive arguments to the dataformat
    • Creating a dataprovider test for the network display

Dong Shin 06.12.2015

  • Lenny’s having issues with Query Builder using CONCAT (‘%)… will take a look on Monday
  • working on FR
    • retrieving FR list using columns specified instead of whole list…
    • trick to convert snake case to camel case…
    • newColumns[i] = WordUtils.capitalizeFully(columns[i], new char[]{‘_’}).replaceAll(“_”, “”);
      newColumns[i] = Introspector.decapitalize(newColumns[i]);
    • could not get String[] or List<String> to work with @ResponseBody….
    • set default approval state to Working in database table
    • set default approval state to Working in FR app
    • made FR not editable for Submitted and Processed status for non-admins

Phil 6.12.15

8:00 – 5:30 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Chased down some querybuilder weirdness with Lenny. CONCAT(‘$’,) as ‘some name’ dosn’t seem to be working for his queries. Changing the queryBuilderConfig2.xml file by adding the column names worked though.
  • Deleting NetworkComponents does not remove them from the target list of other NetworkComponents
  • Also, I was adding items twice. That should have thrown a same-name error…. Nope, I was adding to the model list in the controller twice.
  • Added the ability to adjust attraction and repulsion constants individually.
  • Fixed some dumb bugs with fonts. To be fair, the canvas font description is dopey.
  • Progress for today (subject to change)

Dong Shin 06.11.2015

  • on-site things…
    • found that funding amount validation fails on float calculation that goes beyond decimal points – fixed
    • reworked approval states
    • minor changes to main funding request view.
    • table data editor error – closed db connection?
    • need to change the Load FR to have short list data
  • working on FR
    • changed approval states
    • changed funding-request.tpl.html
    • modified checkFundingBrekdown in services.js to truncate numbers after two decimal points
    • trouble shooting closed db connection problem…

Phil 6.11.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Fixed some bugs in FR, the most serious was a multiplication/rounding (error?) in JavaScript that was causing calculated results to be off by something like 0.0000003.
  • The charts are not showing up on Lenny’s browser. Loading times for the JS are very short, with a 304 warning. Maybe we need to compile our TypeScript into one large file? Got it to work. It generates a *pile* of error messages because the typescript inclusion is messed up. Output is 3,500 lines of code.
  • Need to estimate times for development of follow on work for Lenny
  • Got 3D Network display working (again…)


Phil 6.10.15

8:00 – 3:30 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Deploy FR Fixes, new jars to test server for charts
  • Added a AppMainNet for the network dev/testing so that the AppMain for the 3D chart is untouched
  • Got networks of balls being drawn with random motion vectors. Need to add an array of influenceComponents that the math will work with to calculate physics. Got confused with the modelArray within the Component. It’s for child objects.shiny