Phil 5.15.15

7:30 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Tried ‘compress’, which seemed to compress the files in-place. It did not put them in a zip file. Going to try gnu utilities next.
  • Lenny says all the funds are dispersed in CONUS. Need a globe and planar charting. Basically the difference should be AZ/EL vs X/Y
  • Migrating the generic chart data classes/interfaces to WebGlChartData
  • had to cast an array index from string to <any>. Don’t know why:
    export class ChartInfo extends NovettaUtils.ATSBase{
       public cSeries:CartesianSeries[];
       constructor() {
          this.cSeries = [];
       public addSeries  (key:string, source:WglChartData.IChartDataElement):void {
          var cs:CartesianSeries = new CartesianSeries(key, source);
          cs.mapData(this.minVec, this.maxVec);
          this.cSeries[<any>key] = cs; // <----------- why??????
  • Added a dataprovider and dataformat to WGLA_controller2 and started passing data into Wgl3dCharts. Individual elements with their mappings are coming across correctly. Next comes the actual mapping.

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