Phil 5/13/15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Backups
  • Had a weird issue where the touch command wasn’t working in the Makefile. It looks like putting it in system32 is ok for the command window, but not ok for a program – it had to be on the path. I put it in with the gnu files and it works now.
  • Had a long-ish discussion with Dong about how to set the data in the message. It’s much better now. Here are the interfaces:
    export interface IMinMax {
    export interface IChartDataElement{
    export interface IChartMessage{
  • And here are some messages caught by the listener in Wgl2DController (‘min’ is a point that uses the ‘min’ value from the minmax object:
    {"type":"min","name":"Future FACTS","data":{"Sep":{"min":200.17,"max":266.49}}}
    {"type":"area","name":"Future FACTS","data":{"Jun":{"min":202.29,"max":202.29},"Jul":{"min":193.38,"max":215.48},"Aug":{"min":196.77,"max":240.99},"Sep":{"min":200.17,"max":266.49},"Oct":{"min":203.57,"max":291.99},"Nov":{"min":206.96,"max":317.5},"Dec":{"min":210.36,"max":343}}}
  • Adding data objects on:
    • Area chart – done
    • Bar Chart -done
  • Start bars/spheres chart (lat/long)(min/max)
    • Set up WebGl3dCharts.ts and added it to the Makefile
    • Tomorrow, create a WglChart3D.html file and maybe a new controller?

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