Phil 4.24.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Filled out financial NDA
  • Work on having two charts, then move into slideshow using ng-switch?
  • two charts – check!
  • WordPress on Win 8.1(?) now wants to make the edit area short. It can be temporarily stretched by using the HTML tab and dragging the lower right corner. Reverts after a save though.
  • Two charts with two controllers – check! And inheritance is working perfectly. This is my entire second chart controller definition:
    export class Chart2MainCtrl extends Chart1MainCtrl {
       constructor(timeout:ng.ITimeoutService) {
          this.dataFormat = { // might add 2D/3d, dynamic/static, etc.
             outlayGoals: {label:"Outlay Goals", objectName:"outlayGoals", type:"area", hexColor:0xFFAAAA},
             obligationGoals:{label:"Obligation Goals", objectName:"obligationGoals",  type:"area",hexColor:0xFFFFAA},
             pm_actuals:{label:"PM Actuals", objectName:"pm_actuals",  type:"bar",hexColor:0xAAFFAA},
             facts:{label:"Facts", objectName:"facts",  type:"bar",hexColor:0xAAAAFF},
             future_pm_actuals:{label:"Future PMA", objectName:"future_pm_actuals",  type:"area",hexColor:0x00FF00},
             future_facts:{label:"Future FACTS", objectName:"future_facts",  type:"area", hexColor:0x0000FF}
  • And this is how the Angular module uses them:
    module AngularApp {
       // define how this application assembles.
       class AngularMain {
          public doCreate(
             glDptr:Function) {
             this.appModule = angular.module('appMain', []).
                controller('glCtrl1',['$timeout', chart1Ptr]).
                controller('glCtrl2',['$timeout', chart2Ptr]).
                directive('ngWebgl', ['$timeout', glDptr]);
       new AngularMain().doCreate(
          new WGLA2_dirtv.ngWebgl().ctor
  • Adding slide controller. Had a brief fright when I forgot to add the ng-switch and just used the ng-switch-when. Everything works though. Uploading it to my server.
  • Working with getting text and the graphs behaving well togther. And although I’ve written somewhere else in this blog, I can’t find my post of viewport relative CSS sizing, so here’s another link….