Phil 4.7.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Committed to bringing in a test version of the charting. I probably need a WGLChart2D so that there’s no DB complications initially. Need to verify that the JSON servlet still works though.
  • Added legends back in. Had to fix a bad string test
  • The CanvasRenderer moved. Had to fix that. Verified it still works
  • Removing chart classes from the controller and putting them in the classes folder
  • Added WebGlCharts to classes directory and to the makefile. Had problems until I realized that I had created “WegGlCharts”. Stupid fingers.
  • Starrting WGLChart2D
  • My new dev box is here!
  • 2D is mostly ported and running. A few more things to clean up before packaging to deploy. Visible here.