Phil 3.25.15

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • Set up Mark’s accounts
  • Set up an admin account for our tester. Not sure if that’s actually needed?
  • Brought over the latest and greatest for Bill to scan. Should be ready for testing tomorrow.
  • Finish integrating Chartinfo class into testbed. Done, but more of an adventure than I was expecting. First, my development box began acting weird (fan noises, flickering graphics, slow performance). Then it BSOD’d. When I finally got it back up, the debugger kept on getting confused about comments. Once that was sorted, I couldn’t get picking to work on area charts, even though it worked fine for everything else. That traced back to a null value for the component name, which is an explicit test I run to manage tooltips. So once the name from the ChartInfo item was loaded into the glComponent, everything began working correctly. Sheesh.
  • Tried to get my laptop again and also a replacement workstation, since this one is now suspect.
  • Running CC