Phil 3.12.15

8:00 – 6:00

  • Deployed new FR and worked with the DB
  • Added SW rendering as a selectable option
  • Added highlighting and selecting to Canvas and Components
  • Discovered how to cast in TypeScript. Note that this is only for compile phase:
    var m:THREE.MeshPhongMaterial = <THREE.MeshPhongMaterial>obj3d.material;
  • Tested highlighting in 2d and 3D. Discovered a few use cases where the selected model can get set to null while manipulating the eyepoint and had to fix those.
  • Was going to deploy to my server for testing, but I realized this app needs a database. Started the process, but now it’s got to cook for a while.
  • Lenny wants spreadsheet export, possibly with formulas.
    • Added capability to DbTypedTable to work with multiple sheets.