Phil 1.27.15

8:00 – 4:00 SR

  • Working on promoting the dialog and server components to the Novetta libs folder(s)
  • Aaaaaand while working on that I figured I’d make sure that inheritance works with my example server factory class. Turns out the Revealing Module Pattern breaks inheritance because the private functions don’t come along with closure, which surprised me. A google search brings up this post by MetaDuck, which I’m looking at….
  • No luck with that. It’s wierd, I’m just not getting the pointer from angular when I inherit. Giving up for a little while.
  • Moved password dialog to the novetta libs
  • Moved phpConnection to novetta libs
  • Ok, after a long walk to clear my head, I realized that my problems are because factories require a return object. This means that you have to change the first line of the inheritance code to store that return object so that it in turn can be returned to angular:
function QueryServiceFn2($http){
   var retObj =, $http);
   globalU.inheritPrototype(this, QueryServiceFn);
   return retObj;
  • And that works just fine. Going to check that closure works the way that I think it should now. And lo, it does. So here’s a full example of inheriting a factory object:
globalUtils.appMap.phpFactories2 = (function(globalU, base){
   "use strict";
   function QueryServiceFn($http){
      var retObj =, $http);
      globalU.inheritPrototype(this, base);
      return retObj;

      queryServicePtr: QueryServiceFn
})(globalUtils, globalUtils.appMap.phpFactories.queryServicePtr);
  • To override a function, simply declare it normally and then set the pointer in retObj to point at the new version. The only thing to watch out for is that closure won’t hold. If you need access to an item in the base class that’s accessed through closure, you’ll probably have to copy it.

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