Phil 10.22.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Lenny is setting up a meeting with Larry next week
  • Talked to Dong about how to make the new Visualization more like ScriptingServer. The web folder contains all the components and directives that the system uses, but the particular html page is created dynamically by a servlet. The page is made in an IDE where the queries can be built and associated with sections of the html code. The actual page the user sees doesn’t really even need to have communication with the server. This doers not address the input side, where interaction with the tables is essential. But those pages are not dynamic like reports and would probably be built in the traditional way.
  • Documentation
    • Added Documentation folder to repo
    • Dong added in the DB documentation
    • De-Mavenized the Visibility project. Pulled out a lot of cruft.
    • com.edgeti.Utils
      • Column
      • HttpFile
      • HttpUtilities
      • IngestResult
      • PropertyLoader
      • SSLUtilities
    • com.edgeti.Utils.logging
      • Log4jInit
      • LoggingEntry
      • VisibilityLogger
  • I have documented my brain to death. Seeing if there is some room for Angular.

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