Dong Shin 08.29.2014

  • added new contract (not COGNOS) and invoice tabs to RA
  • working on Monthly Data Status
    • new query to get status for FA (RequisitionsView.mxml)
      • SELECT IF(ISNULL(oo.month_1), ‘OVERDUE’, ‘CURRENT’) AS status, bc.* FROM budget_centers bc LEFT JOIN obligations_outlays oo ON oo.funding_id = bc.uid WHERE oo.type LIKE ‘PM Actuals%’ AND oo.year + oo.year_count – 1 = 201) AS t LEFT JOIN __view_committed_totals AS ca ON t.uid = ca.budget_center_id LEFT JOIN projects AS p ON t.project_id = p.uid GROUP BY t.uid ORDER BY t.uid