Phil 7.23.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • I need to check to see what should be generated for:
    • 11. (U) Contract Details
      12. (U) How does your organization process funding requests?
      13. (U) Do you require 100% of funds in order to obligate this funding to contract?
    • Fixed. I was pointing the output of the panels to the wrong div
  • Bold ‘Cum Amt ($K)‘ Done
  • Move the BLUF module above the POC module and include it in the center section as #5. Done
  • Correctly exporting the javautils jar
  • Accessing the DB
  • Need to write a toJsonString() method for DbTable. Done. Since everything is stored as strings in the webapp, the strings are validated at the client and converted to sql-friendly strings.
  • There is no good way to send full objects, so I spent some time seeing what a good strategy for stringifying is. So far I’m at this:
    • user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestType = ‘MIPR’
      user:pgfeldm.type:number.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestAmount = ‘32919’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestAppropriation = ‘RDTE’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestStatus = ‘Incomplete’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestTaskName = ‘Task_9’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestNumber = ‘ABC-123-9’
      user:pgfeldm.type:text.panel:fundingRequestsPanel.val:fundingRequestName = ‘fundingRequest_9’
    • Which is pretty easy to parse. Not thrilled about the extra chars…

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