Phil 4.30.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB backups
  • Deploy new RQ – or at least most of it…
  • Got the list of desired enhancements. Need to assign hours.
  • JavaScript
    • Threejs examples
    • Work on making a YUI module that extends WebGLComponent – Done!
    • Added three.js loading capability. Easy!
                base: './libs/',
                async: false,
                modules: {
                    'threejs': {
                        path: 'three.js'
                base: './BasicBaseElements/',
                modules: {
                    'WebGLCanvas': {
                        path: 'WebGLCanvas/js/WebGLCanvas.js',
                        skinnable: true
                    'WebGLComponent': {
                        path: 'WebGLComponent/js/WebGLComponent.js',
                        skinnable: false
    }).use('threejs', 'WebGLCanvas', 'WebGLComponent', 'panel', 'dd-plugin', function (Y) {...});
  • Ok, now to inheritance
  • To inherit in YUI, it looks like all you have to do(?) is to use Y.Base.create, and specify the component that you are extending. Here’s how it looks:
YUI.add('WebGLSphere', function (Y) {
    "use strict";

    // handy constants and shortcuts used in the module
    var _LANG = Y.Lang;
    var _NAME = 'WebGLSphere';

    // publish the global prototype
    Y.WebGLSphere = Y.Base.create(
        _NAME, // the name of this module (for debugging
        Y.WebGLComponent, // the class we are extending (can be Widget too)
        [], // any extensions that we want to properties or methods (e.g. ArrayList)

        // Instance members are the properties and methods that go into the class prototype, those that
        // each instance will get a copy and usually need to be references by 'this'
            // prototype variables

            // prototype methods

        //  Attributes - accessed through this.get('attrName') and this.set('attrName', value).
        // Note that we can do "type" checking here with validators
            ATTRS: {
			value: 1.0

}, '0.1', {
    requires: ['WebGLComponent'],
    skinnable: false

In this case, the module I’m creating is Y.WebGLSphere. I am extending it from Y.WebGLComponent. In the code above, it does nothing. Next, I’m going to override the initModel function to create a sphere and the initializer to take a jpg to use as a texture.


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