Phil 4.25.14

8:00 – 5:00 SR

  • DB Backups
  • Helping Dong out with some questions he has. Some queries are running on the production servers that don’t run on his dev box?
  • Finish financial reporting
  • JavaScript
    • Reworking WebGLCanvas. I think it’s better. The structure is now:
      • YUI.add(‘ModuleName”, function(Y) {} wrapper
        • List of all the private variables, using _myVariable notation
        • List of all the private variables that will point at functions (e.g. var _myFunction)
        • The function declarations (e.g. _myFunction = function (args) {};)
        • The publication section – Y.WebGLCanvas = Y.Base.create({/* vars*/}, {/*attrs */});
          • in the {/*vars*/} object, the prototype function vars are matched to a local var (defined above). It looks like this
            • myProtoVariable: null,
            • myProtoFunction:  _myLocalFunction,
            • etc.
          • There are no bodies to anything, just pointers to functions that have already been declared. Closure takes care of the wrapping of appropriate module data. This way, exactly what is in the prototype can be quickly seen.
          • The {/*attrs*/} object is handled in the ‘traditional’ YUI way, since each attribute is actually a cluster of small sub-objects, no clarity is gained by breaking things up.
      • Still have to see if this mechanism extends correctly, but that’s next week.
    • Spent a good deal of time getting panel components to assemble correctly. I had to go digging for the height of the header and allow a modified height value to be passed into the WebGLCanvas. Sheesh.


Still, good progress for the week.