Dong Shin 02.27.2014

  • deployed new FA/Reqonciler with new query for Planned Outlays… everything is well
  • Lenny reported that some Obligations are not imported
    • found fiscal year is set to NULL in views – __view_monthly_obligations_outlays_by_contract
    • view definition looks at the date from expensed date, need to look at obligation date as well
    • modified the view to examine both expensed and obligation dates for fiscal year – this would resolve the second year problem as well?
      • IF(ISNULL(if((month(MAX(`cc`.`expensed_date`)) > 9),(year(MAX(`cc`.`expensed_date`)) + 1),year(MAX(`cc`.`expensed_date`)))),
        if((month(MAX(`cc`.`obligation_date`)) > 9),(year(MAX(`cc`.`obligation_date`)) + 1),year(MAX(`cc`.`obligation_date`))),
        if((month(MAX(`cc`.`expensed_date`)) > 9),(year(MAX(`cc`.`expensed_date`)) + 1),year(MAX(`cc`.`expensed_date`)))) AS fiscal_year,
  • Funding Description in FA is disabled – fixed
  • new Query for Lenny/Chris – will try to implement it on-site tomorrow morning
    • Capability, Budget Center, Req ID, Req Title, Req Funded Amount, Current Month Outlay Plan, Current Month PM Actuals, Difference (in $) between Outlay Plan and PM Actuals, Difference (in %) between Outlay Plan and PM Actuals

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