Phil 2.26.14

8:30 – 4:30 SR

  • Lovely traffic today. Took twice as long to get to work. I think I averaged a hair over 20 mph.
  • Backups
  • Looks like I missed registering a site. Fixed.
  • FF 21 and IE 8 are displaying the JavaScript test improperly. Pretty sure I tested this last night on my home machines and all was OK. Yep, just checked on IF, FF, and Chrome at work and they all behave.
  • It’s possible that this is a result of the stylesheet not working correctly. The buttons don’t look right.
  • And it’s ridiculously slow in IE.  looking for some drawing/animation libraries. These all work in IE 8 with reasonable performance

Bad Stylesheet?

  • So the question is, can this be fixed? I’m going to try to bring up a new instance of YUI3 and point at it explicitly. Regardless, let’s see if I can get the rest of all these pieces working together.
  • Working on improving performance. Got the Math.sqrt out of all the force calculations. Now I need to see if that helped. I fear that mostly it’s drawing speed.
  • Something to test

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