Phil 6.27.13

7:30 – 11:30, 4:00 – 5:00SR

  • The table information is not showing up in the new query screen
  • PIT crew meeting
    • Be able to load documents and associate with a req. and scan for meta info
    • There are Total Allocated problems if there are no req’s
    • Project refresh needs to happen as req’s are added in Total Project Budget
    • Upload data button needs to turn green (or blue) after the upload
    • MA – Mission Assistant
    • Query export to excel
  • Generated a full output of all projects using the scripting system and attempted to export directly to visibility_dev2, which failed (need to add error messages!). After eliminating redundant column names, we were able to publish XML that was then ingested. We then used that to export the XML.
  • A user is having PKI problems. Need to find the test servlet.
  • Export Meeing with Brad

11:30 – 3:00FP

  • Creating a TestResult class with the following information
    • session number
    • test number
    • test type (speed or accuracy)
    • time to lift
    • source position
    • cursor position
    • angle difference
    • speaker volume matrix
    • Also, there will be a toString() and toXmlString() method for output;
  • The TestManager will instance and store TestResults in a container (vector?), which will have the additional fields
    • Researcher name
    • Subject name
    • Sound file
    • Total sessions
    • Speed tests per session
    • Accuracy tests per session

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