Phil 6.21.13

8:00 – 1030 SR

  • First day of summer, and it. Is. Gorgeous.
  • Backups
  • Deployed Dong’s Prime/Cofund fix. He’s still working on the ingest bug.
  • Talked to Chris a bit about the kind of demo we want to give to Scott. We are very much on the same sheet.

10:30 – 5:00 FP

  • Put all the projects into SVN, checked them out and did a clean build. Everything still works.
  • Starting on capturing mouse events. Done. Capturing Left, Middle, Right, Wheel and Drag. I think I want to have it so that the user presses (holds down?) a “button” in the middle of the GL window, signifying that he’s ready for the next sound queue. Once the sound plays, he drags toward the source. This is indicated by a line indicating the vector (and a cursor?). Releasing the mouse is the event that marks and records the choice, vector, elapsed time and position (vector?) of the emitter.
  • Making a button class for OGL. Done
  • Making a line segment class so we can point to where the sound is. Done
  • Progress for today:
  • vth