Phil 6.18.13

7:30 – 1:30 SR

  • Big demo today. Went well.
  • Deployed the new RA with the fix for Version Tracker
  • Found the problem with the AS3 version of VT. Bad namespace…
  • Backups.
  • Looked into the issue with the production server where the first line is the header. Couldn’t make it occur in the dev system, so I’m thinking that the deployment may not be complete. Burned a new version for tomorrow.

1:30 – 3:30 FP

  • Added a fine-grained timer callback to the main app
  • Added an OpenGL window, set to Ortho2, and with pixel-accurate dimensions
  • Connected the timer to the OpenGL, and set the position of what will be the emitter. We won’t see this during the actual test, but it will be good for debugging.
  • I need to track mouse clicks and motion in the GL window. That will come tomorrow, and then I’ll work on integrating the audio library. That’s the basics for running the experiments. After that, I’ll work on reading and writing the input and result files.
  • Pix for today: AppProgress6.18.13

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